Budderside – New release from Motörhead Music!

You want a true, hard, modern, multi-pleasuring kick-ass-rock’n’roll-release to dominate your life and ears? Budderside are happy to deliver all that and a whole lot more! Produced by Paul Inder Kilmister and released on Motörhead Music, Budderside is the sound of rock’n’roll relief! Check ’em out: Budderside: Motörhead Music:


Camerons Brewery have teamed up with legendary rock band Motörhead and Global Merchandising Services to create an exciting new collaboration beer. The North East brewer has been working alongside the band to develop the beer over the last few months and are looking to launch later this year. The beer will be called Road Crew…

Mikkey Dee now a permanent member of Scorpions!

From Mikkey Dee: “I guess most of you have heard the news. I am now a permanent member of Scorpions. I feel truly honored and fortunate to be able to carry on playing drums on this level. I grew up listening to Scorpions and have always loved the band. We have been friends for a…

Ken and Klem: A Collabogram with Zero Compromise, Motörhead Style

by: Lex van den Berghe Nothing is more dangerous than playing it safe—when it comes to creativity, that is. More often than not, the best ideas are inspired by a new point of view. And being forced out of one’s comfort zone, forced to see through someone else’s eyes, can be the very thing that breaks…