Secunda recorded the band Live in the February, and from the tapes the ‘What’s Words Worth?’ album was released 5 years later. But Secunda had fallen out with and lost the band the opportunity of a second album with Chiswick, so again, they had no record company behind them. They also dumped Secunda, so had no management, either, so Motorhead, as such, were in limbo. Lemmy asked Hawkwind manager, Doug Smith, if he would manage them? Reluctant beforehand, he agreed, and won them a ‘one single deal’ with Bronze Records. ‘Louie, Louie’ / ‘Tear Ya Down’ was released, Chiswick re-issued the ‘Motorhead’ album, and Motorhead headlined a full UK tour. Pleased with ‘Louie’s’ chart placing, Bronze gave the band studio time to record another album.