Motörhead – Every Playlist Louder Than Everyone Else!

Motörhead are undeniably the loudest band of all time. But can YOU create the loudest PLAYLIST of all time??!! 1. Choose your favorite Motörhead songs. 2. Add them to your customized Motörhead playlist. 3. See the results of exactly how loud your Motörhead playlist is compared to others!    Are you up to the challenge?!?…

Lemmy – the final official interview

By Freddy Villano from Guitar The Motörhead frontman discusses his love of Rickenbackers, Paul McCartney and why he could never cut it as a guitarist in his final bass interview. When Motörhead first started popping out albums in the late ’70s, it probably seemed implausible that the band would last 40 years and 22 albums. And…

All for one and one for all! #ROCKHALL2020

Thanks to everyone who spoke up loudly. Thanks to the #ROCKHALL2020 for listening and adding Phil & Mikkey. All for one and one for all! #motörhead Vote here, everyday: Current vote tallies can be seen by clicking here For over 40 years, @myMotorhead toured the world and played louder, partied harder, and rocked audiences…

40 year anniversary certificate awarded at Motörhead ’79 release party

Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar came down to the record release party and presented the band a 40 year anniversary certificate signed by all 15 City Council members and the mayor.