Record Store Day 2018 features a special collector’s Motörhead vinyl

On April 21st – aka Record Store Day – We will be issuing a 7” picture disc of the runaway hit cover version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”, with the art featuring a new “sketch” take on the classic war-pig. (Limited to 3k disc’s.)  The flip-side features “Heroes (the Wacken Family Choir Mix)” with previously unheard audio of the crowd at 2017’s Wacken Festival singing along to the single as it was being officially launched via the festival PA, an emotional moment of celebration and tribute which can now be shared globally.

“It’s such a great Bowie song, one of his best, and I could only see great things coming from it out of us,” said guitarist Phil Campbell, whilst drummer Mikkey Dee added, “Lemmy was very, very proud of it, not only because it turned out so well, but because it was fun!”

Record Store Day 2018 special collector’s Motörhead vinyl

Not a creature was stirring…. “They were all deaf.”

Good Evening!

During this holiday season when we also celebrate Lemmy’s birthday (on December 24th), the Motörhead team wanted to give a special gift to what we believe are the greatest, most loyal fans in the world.

We proudly present, streaming on our YouTube channel and available for free download below, the entire set from December 23, 1996. Recorded at the Biskuithalle in Bonn, Germany. 21 years ago to the day!

Motorhead Bonn Germany

The show opens with a blistering rendition of “Iron Fist,” rolling into a fluid, pounding “Stay Clean.” As the bass fades the band kicks you in the face with the sweet sounds of “Sex and Death.” This show ends the Overnight Sensation tour and finds the band firing on all cylinders, like a well-oiled machine. The destruction continues with an intimidating version of “Over Your Shoulder.” The new album of the day gets some representation with the anthem known as “Civil War,” a sonic attack to simulate a front line slaughter. One of Lemmy’s all time set list favorites, “Metropolis” follows and is as tight as ever. With the guys warmed up for the night we hear guitarist Phil Campbell ask front desk manager Dave “Hobbs” Hilsden to turn it up before the rock ‘n roll journey that is, “I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)” unleashes upon the crowd. “Burner,” the fastest song ever written is next on deck and probably melted any cockroaches in the venue. After this treat from the Bastards album we go old school with a meaty serving of the classic “The Chase is Better Than the Catch.” We then return to the title track of the new album, “Overnight Sensation”. Audible proof that the three piece lineup of Kilmister, Campbell and Dee was an unstoppable entity. “No Class” follows and shows nothing but class and power as it pounds the audience down further into enlightenment! Next up, we receive a lesson in brutality as the epic “Sacrifice” nearly rips off audience faces. We now travel back to the “Orgasmatron” album for the beast that is the title track. This is a different arrangement for the release as it hides a slight edit of the song that resulted from side one of the cassette running out and being switched to side two for the remainder of the show. We then pay tribute to the most loyal of soldiers with a very merry rendition of “We Are The Road Crew”. Following this treat Lemmy gives a lesson in blues with the live favorite “You Better Run.” After this melodic jewel we get another sampling of the new material with the unapologetic “Broken”. The lesson in rock n’ roll continues with a trip down to Rio, “Going to Brazil.” “Killed By Death,” marches up next before the “Bomber” takes off to prepare the audience eardrums for the final assaults, which are the iconic “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill.”

Motorhead Vault Treasures

We hope you play this loud and in good health as we wish Lemmy a happy birthday and all of you a Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays and new year!

Thanks to Siegfried Hahn, Heiko Fuchs and G. Paul May for memorabilia images and photos taken in Bonn back in 1996.

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Good tidings we bring…whatever ‘tidings’ actually are!

Hello hello!

Happy Holidays Motörhead’s out there, we hope the season is thus far jolly…we want to announce something that WE think will make it jollier still!
As we continue to inventory and carefully curate the Motörhead Vaults, we have come across a rather substantial amount of ‘soundboard recordings.’ These are not noisy planks of wood that were recorded for posterity (or posteriors even?), no, these are actually CASSETTE TAPES (remember those boys and girls? TDK? AGFA? MEMOREX?) which were placed into our sound engineer’s desk tape machine before a show started, and onto which said-show was recorded. For posterity (or posteriors?-same joke, sorry)…

ANYWAY, the POINT is we are happy to announce that after receiving a light dusting off from long-time Motörhead producer Cameron Webb, on December 23rd 2017, we will be setting free (for free!) the full live show from Bonn, Germany which took place on Dec 23rd 1996! 21 years earlier to the day? Fantastiche! Wünderbar! Bloody marvelous, eh?!!!

Once again in plain English (in case all that waffle had you lost)…on December 23rd 2017, imotö will be releasing, for free, a previously unreleased live show recorded in Bonn, Germany on December 23rd 1996 to celebrate the impending birthday and life of Lemmy!

The eagle-eyed among you (well, those who can read!) will have spotted the bit about ‘substantial amount’…in the words of some man somewhere ‘we have a plan brewing’ but more news will be made available in the near-future. We promise. No, really, we do.

We hope this little treat is a decent way of us expressing our gratitude for your eternal support; thank you one and all!

The Motörhead team

Motörhead Bonn, Germany on December 23rd 1996

Statement regarding “We Are The Ones”

On behalf of Motörhead management:
With regards to “We Are The Ones”, we wish to clarify that it was NOT Lemmy’s ‘final solo recording’.

While we’re here, we’d like thank all of the Motörhead fans world wide who have been so supportive of the band’s cover of David Bowie’s classic “Heroes”, and have made it such a success.

Motörhead launches “Show Us Your Heroes” social media contest with North American release of “Under Cöver”

September 1st marked the release of our new covers compilation album, Under Cöver  – a collection of some of the band’s best covers ultimately celebrating a love of interpreting the work of music legends.

October 13, 2017 will see the release of the physical album formats in North America, including 1CD (Digi pack) and 1x 180 grams Black Vinyl in gatefold.

Click here for CD Pre-order.

Click here for VINYL Pre-order.


Right now, MOTÖRHEAD is also running a “Show us your Heroes” social media contest! Fans can upload photos of their personal heroes (musical, or otherwise), and tag #Motorheadheroes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Feel free to add a short line about who the person is and why they’re your hero. The contest winner will be chosen in early October and will win a special MOTÖRHEAD 40th Anniversary prize pack!

Watch the music video for the cover of David Bowie’s timeless classic “Heroes” The music video features massive performance footage and heartwarming behind the scenes images and video of the band. Recorded during the Bad Magic sessions in 2015 by Cameron Webb, “Heroes” was one of the last songs MOTÖRHEAD recorded together.

To that ethic, the rest of the album contains loud and proud, raucous and raging rock ‘n’ roll takes on the likes of “God Save The Queen” (Sex Pistols), “Cat Scratch Fever” (Ted Nugent), “Rockaway Beach,” (The Ramones), Breaking The Law” (Judas Priest) and “Whiplash” (Metallica) which earned the band a Grammy in 2005 for Best Metal Performance.

Under Cöver Track Listing:
1. Breaking the Law (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2008
2. God Save the Queen (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2000
3. Heroes (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
4. Starstruck (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2014
5. Cat Scratch Fever (Produced by Peter Solley) 1992
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
7. Sympathy for the Devil (Produced by Cameron Webb) 2015
8. Hellraiser (Produced by Billy Sherwood) 1992
9. Rockaway Beach (Mixed by Cameron Webb) 2002
10.Shoot ‘Em Down (Produced by Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet) 2001
11. Whiplash (Produced by Bruce Bouillet and Bob Kulick) 2005

All songs performed by MOTÖRHEAD.


Lemmy Kilmister – Bass/Vocals
Phil Campbell – Guitar
Mikkey Dee – Drums