Camerons Brewery have teamed up with legendary rock band Motörhead and Global Merchandising Services to create an exciting new collaboration beer. The North East brewer has been working alongside the band to develop the beer over the last few months and are looking to launch later this year.


The beer will be called Road Crew – chosen from the Motörhead fan favorite ‘(We Are) The Road Crew’, which appears on the 1980s ‘Ace of Spades’ album and was penned as a tribute to the band’s dedicated team of roadies. With lines like ‘Another beer is what I need’, the name fits perfectly for a beer everyone can enjoy.

Road Crew, which will be available in keg, cask and bottle, is based on an American style session pale ale and will have an ABV of 4.5% (5% in bottle).

Band members Mikkey Dee & Phil Campbell have played a key part in the development of the beer.

“I’m proud to have been able to develop this beer with Camerons. The trials we have tasted have been great. We wanted this to be an exciting and refreshing brew which is for you, our Road Crew” Mikkey said.

“It has been great fun working with the guys from Camerons on this beer. This is going to be an excellent beer for all Motörhead and rock fans around the world to enjoy” added Phil.


Chris Soley, chief executive at Camerons said “We are delighted to work with the guys from Motörhead to create a collaboration beer from scratch. We’ve spent a lot of time working together to brew something innovative and sampled a wide range of different styles to ensure we did justice to the Motörhead name. Our primary objective was to create a fantastic tasting beer underpinned by the Motörhead branding. Although still in the trial phases of the Road Crew beer, we’re confident that what we’ve started so far will achieve this”.

“It’s a fantastic partnership for Camerons Brewery and complements our growing Head of Steam pub brand, which we’re looking to expand to further cities across the UK” Chris added.

Camerons will be celebrating the launch of the beer in a North East and also a London location later this year.


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Mikkey Dee now a permanent member of Scorpions!

From Mikkey Dee:

“I guess most of you have heard the news.
I am now a permanent member of Scorpions.

I feel truly honored and fortunate to be able to carry on playing drums on this level. I grew up listening to Scorpions and have always loved the band. We have been friends for a long time so traveling and performing this year with Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias and Pawel has been loads of fun and the crew is very professional. The Scorpions fans has been most welcoming and its been great to meet all the crazy wonderful Motörhead bangers along the way.

I had some close to 25 amazing years with my friends and brothers Lemmy and Phill in Motörhead and that will always be the back bone in my future drumming. Lemmy always had great respect for Scorpions for being a real rockband and I am sure he is proud up there that I moved on and for playing with this class act.

Here’s to many more years of Rock n roll. Cheers!




Official Press Release:


James Kottak leaves on a positive note.
Since 1992, the Swedish Mikkey Dee was a former band member of Motörhead until the dissolution of the rock band after the death of Lemmy Kilmister.

“We would like to thank James for so many years of lasting participation in the band and personal friendship. We understand and respect his need for time as he makes his way through the final stages of his healing process.”

“After our incredibly successful shows in the US, Europe and Asia, we are sure to have found a fantastic drummer with Mikkey Dee. He brings a fresh energy to the band and we look forward to the exciting time together that lies ahead.“ – SCORPIONS

Ken and Klem: A Collabogram with Zero Compromise, Motörhead Style

by: Lex van den Berghe


Nothing is more dangerous than playing it safe—when it comes to creativity, that is. More often than not, the best ideas are inspired by a new point of view. And being forced out of one’s comfort zone, forced to see through someone else’s eyes, can be the very thing that breaks down creative boundaries.

For more than 25 years, all of us on the Photoshop team have enjoyed watching artists use Photoshop to reinterpret the world we live in and redefine what’s creatively possible. But creativity is boundless, so we put our heads together and asked ourselves: how can we push a group of artists to the next level to create art that will inspire us all to occasionally jump into the deep end of the pool and test our creative limits?

Collaboration + Instagram = Collabogram

What better way to expand your creativity than to expose yourself to an art form completely different from your own?

To prove our point, we paired up three dynamic duos who specialize in (seemingly) incompatible art forms and challenged them to collaborate and create something awesome together. Welcome to our first installment of Collabograms – brought to you by an oddly matched pair named Ken and Klem…

This unlikely duo share a common love: Motörhead

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Celebrating the final ingredient of the longest standing Motörhead line-up

Today (August 30, 2016) we want to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Mikkey Dee to the Motörhead family!


In March 1992 Motörhead played what would turn out to be Phil Taylor’s last gig in Motörhead. The band had wanted Lemmy to get rid of their manager, Doug Banker, for some time. After an unsolicited visit from Todd Singerman, who insisted he should manage them despite never having managed a band before, the band met with Singerman and decided to take him on board, firing Banker. In the midst of this, the band recorded an album at Music Grinder Studios, in the city’s east part of Hollywood during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.  Three drummers participated in the making of the “March ör Die” album: Phil Taylor, Tommy Aldridge who recorded most of the material on the album; and Mikkey Dee, who recorded “Hellraiser”, a song originally written by Lemmy for Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears album.  The March Ör Die album also features guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Slash.

Lemmy had known Mikkey Dee from the time when King Diamond had toured with Motörhead. He had asked Dee to become Motörhead’s drummer before, but Dee had declined due to his commitment to King Diamond. On this occasion, Dee was available and met the band to try out. Playing the song “Hellraiser” first, Lemmy thought, “he was very good immediately. It was obvious that it was going to work.”

Mikkey Dee’s first gig with Motörhead was on August 30 at the Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, NY. USA.

On 27 September, the band played a legendary show at the Los Angeles Coliseum with Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. They then toured Argentina and Brazil during October and conducted the ‘Bombers and Eagles in 92’ tour of Europe with Saxon throughout December.

Next, Motörhead recorded at A&M Studios and Prime Time Studios in Hollywood and the resultant album, “Bastards”, was released on 29 November 1993. In 1993 and 1994 Motörhead played 105 shows around the world.

The band’s 1995 touring schedule began in Europe in late April. In June, they went on another tour with Black Sabbath, until the band succumbed to influenza and headed back to Los Angeles, to Cherokee Studios in Hollywood where they were to record the “Sacrifice” album. During the sessions it became clear that Würzel was not his old self and he sadly left the band after the recording.

The band decided to continue as a three-man line-up and on June 13th 1995 the longest standing, world traveling, tireless and beloved by many, era of the band was born.  The line up that blazed the globe for 19 years and 17 days, playing 1449 shows. Lemmy Kilmister, Philip Campbell and Mikkey Dee!

(The above two clips are from late summer 1995 and December 14th 1995 for Lemmy’s 50th Birthday party at the Whisky A Go Go.)

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Here is some footage of Motörhead being inducted into the Rock Walk Hall of Fame in 2003, and some never seen footage of the Inferno tour of 2005.


Join us in person or for on-line streaming at the Rainbow Bar and Grill!

Please join us for the unveiling of the Lemmy Memorial Statue, in honor of:
Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister
The Rainbow Bar & Grill

Wednesday August 24th 2016
Start – 7:00 pm
Speeches – 7:30
Statue Unveiling – 8:30

Lemmy Kilmister wrote music that sounded like war. He did it for 40 years, juiced-up on amphetamines, Tennessee whiskey and a thirst for military history.
The legendary British Motörhead frontman is what his former manager Todd Singerman now describes as the “Elvis or Beatles of his genre,” which is hard-hitting rock & roll (or heavy metal, depending on who you ask). But between 1990 and his death in December 2015, he was also one of L.A.’s most accessible rock royals, spending the laziest part of his days over at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, drinking Jack Daniel’s with Coke and playing video poker at the corner of the patio bar.
Lemmy’s stool is still there, empty now, along with his touchscreen video game and a temporary black ceramic shrine. But next week, Lemmy’s corner will be occupied by a six-foot, 300-pound bronze statue of the rocker sculpted by local artist and Motörhead fan, Travis Moore.

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Motörhead slot machine set to launch!

A trailer for a digital Motorhead slot machine launching this year in memory of late frontman Lemmy has been released.

The clip shared by gaming company NetEnt shows footage of Motorhead performing alongside a demo of the game. It’ll be made available at online casinos from September.

The slot machine will feature a soundtrack with the band’s most popular songs and bonus features which reference Motorhead’s music.

Written by: Christina O’Neill (TeamRock)

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