Alan Burridge

It is with enormous sadness that we say goodbye and farewell to our friend Alan Burridge. Alan first published Motörhead Magazine in 1979, and lead the legendary Motörheadbangers Fan Club for decades. He was Motörhead’s loyal and trusted historian and discographer, writing several books about the band, and was also a prolific author of crime fiction and various other treasures, publishing approximately 38 books.

A totemic figure in the world of Motörhead, Alan was loved and appreciated by fellow Motörfans from Poole (his birthplace) to Prague and many other places too. Many have spoken of his generous spirit over the years, whether as a friend or a mentor to other aspiring scribes.

With his keen love of literature, plus a marvelous, dry sense of humour, it is really no wonder that Alan and Lemmy were close friends for so many decades, and theirs was a friendship steeped in the traditional values of trust, loyalty, and plenty of good jokes.

Alan is survived by his wife of 50 years, Jane, their 2 children, and 10 grandchildren, and we send them our deepest condolences.

Godspeed Alan, it’s already a little weirder down here without you old friend.


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