BRIAN ROHAN July 24th – 1936 to March 23rd 2021



On March 23rd, we lost a tremendous friend, warrior, defender of the people and legendary lawyer, Brian Rohan. Calling him a lawyer is but a tiny slice of who this gargantuan, gregarious, relentless and fiercely independent representative of artists (and their friends) was. A friend of Motörhead’s as well as being our US lawyer for many years (he was thanked on our albums as Brian “Randy Quaid” Rohan to reflect the lawyer Quaid played in Caddyshack II who projected some of Rohan’s spirit), Rohan is best-known as attorney for the Grateful Dead, Ken Kesey and Janis Joplin -effectively representing the entire Summer of Love hippy movement against a straight-laced system that would’ve imprisoned many without his fierce interventions. He would work with many platinum acts over the decades, from Aerosmith to Boston to Linda Perry with many many more in-between, but Rohan is best remembered for all the people he fearlessly served who often didn’t have any money.

No person was too small to help in a fight against “the man,” which was a reputation Rohan famously solidified in 1977 when punching David Geffen at a Grammy Party; “power” was of no concern to him if he felt someone was wrong. And for all the wonderful historical tributes to Brian which will unfold over the coming days, we want to celebrate a man who always fought for the people and retained a fierce sense of honor and loyalty to his final day.

So raise a glass to this unique and principled friend of ours, Brian Rohan.
Rest in peace.

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Brian Rohan in 2019 (Photo by Mike London)