Dave “Cy” Langston

Dave ‘Cy’ Langston was one of those rare men in the world of music of whom no-one had a bad word. Synonymous with The Who, Cy had been involved with the band on various levels since 1965. Their first roadie, Cy would end up playing on John Entwistle’s solo projects (he also did some unreleased work with Pete Townshend) and wrote “Early Morning Cold Taxi” with Roger Daltrey (which appeared on the 1995 edition of The Who Sell Out. Besides his workrate and talent, Cy also had those rare qualities of honest brotherhood and warm humanity…  Cy and Lem were good friends, and both would regularly enjoy a natter or few about all manner of subjects.

Many will have seen Cy’s face around the Motörhead world, and he was always a warmly-welcomed friend to us all, but especially to Lem.

Our deepest sympathies go to Cy’s family.

Rest in peace mate.


Read more about Cy @ thewho.com

Photos from The Rainbow Bar & Grill and Christy Borgman