The Lemporium: Putting Fans’ Art In The Spotlight Follows A Lemmy Tradition

Lemmy Kilmister was undoubtedly a pinnacle level rockstar, an artists artist, but above all, Lemmy was a man of -and for- the people. Every action, lyric, and word made it abundantly clear that Lemmy always valued those around him, from collaborators to fans, and helping shine a light on the work of others was a regular part of his world.

Whether supporting bands like Girlschool, Twisted Sister and Skunk Anansie or artisanal friends such as jewelers The Great Frog achieve a greater platform for their craft, Lemmy loved to champion the work of others whom he admired. Its that spirit that sits behind the Lemporium, a marketplace which gives independent artists and creative talents a chance to feature their respective areas of craft, to sell their wares, and to grow as a result of getting a helping hand.

The full force of Motörheads team will constantly seek to give opportunities to such artists and artisans who have had difficulty finding a spotlight for their work. The Lemporium will spotlight original, unique, and very cool items made by true Motörhead fans, allowing a greater number of fellow Motörhead fans to both know their crafts exist, and  support their creative talents. Think of the Lemporium as a market stroll, a destination for Motörhead fans by Motörhead fans, and with Motörheads full support.

So roll up, step in, and browse these mighty, and unique, Motörhead wares. Support these craftsfolk, and at the same time know youre supporting one of your ownin the process.

“Our first Warpig wood burner was created back in 2017 to pay homage to the late great Lemmy Kilmister. We are huge fans of the band and music and what better way to do this by immortalizing Snaggletooth the Motörhead logo in steel and putting fire behind his eyes. We are very proud to have had our talents recognized and to have been endorsed as official artists for Motörhead.” – Burned By Design

“I lived in a rock and roll venue for four years. We played Motörhead every day. I initially created this piece as homage to Lemmy. When we heard about his passing the venue had this image blown up and placed inside their window like a giant shrine. Lemmy fans now travel from around the world to see it and buy signed prints. I’m proud and privileged to be a part of Lemporium.” – Luke McDonnell Art

“Let’s face it, no one rocked the western shirt like Lemmy did!  We thought getting the official thumbs up would be impossible. We gotta thank everyone from Motörhead’s management and Global Merchandising for not dismissing us.  It took a hell of a while to pull off the Warpig embroidery.  We made 500 and It’s insanely cool!” – Yo Silver

“I am a graduated sculptor and my passion is making bust pipes of the people that I like and adore. Lemmy is a character that I have in my shop because his music is a part of my entire life.