Motörhead Day 2 reaches a global audience of 800k, the organizers of the Motörhead Day tribute have today announced that 800k fans around the world tuned in to watch a live stream of the event on Motörhead’s Facebook page.

John Wright, of Lemmium said ‘We have a very deep connection with our global followers and we were thrilled that so many managed to join us to celebrate Motörhead Day around the world, bringing fans and friends together to celebrate for a very special event

The second annual Motörhead Day event took place on Thursday 20th July at Our Black Heart, Camden. The date is highly significant as it is the anniversary of the band’s first gig in 1975. The venue being a stone’s throw from the site of the original first show at Camden Roundhouse in July,1975. developed the event with a special theme for this year. John Wright, ‘We are currently working to unveil the first Motörhead Landmark, think Blue Plaque but with attitude

We are delighted that fans will have the opportunity to contribute to the fundraising and we know that building a permanent legacy is something that unites the band, the fans and We are trying to really engage the fans to get involved, so there will be the opportunity to pose for photos with an official replica Lemmy Bass Guitar and Marshall stack

Motörhead Day has now established itself as part of the rock calendar.


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