Motörhead Road Crew to Headline Wandsworth Common Beer Festival



It’s only been just over a month since Road Crew, the American pale ale 4.5%(ABV) created by Motörhead in collaboration with Camerons Brewery, was launched in London but we are thrilled to announce that it has been booked to headline the prestigious Wandsworth Common Beer Festival, at the incredible Victoria Patriotic Building – situated on the common itself and a short walk from Clapham Junction Station.

Since this iconic Gothic masterpiece was opened by Queen Victoria 160 years ago, it has been, among other things, an orphanage, a hospital, an asylum, the M.I 5 spy school during WW2 and a temporary jail for Rudolph Hess – In other words, it’s got everything a Motörhead fan needs in a drinking venue.

The WCBF is the largest independent beer festival in South London and Road Crew will head an amazing line up of over 150 cask ales, beers and craft ciders carefully selected from the four corners (if the are still four!) of Britain.

And as if the beer itself is not enough – you get to drink it from specially commissioned pint and half pint Road Crew Beer Tankards – complete with the war pig logo – which you have the option of purchasing (and you definitely will!).

Motörhead fans have the opportunity to book in advance for the Press & Preview – Meet the Brewer night on Wednesday March 29th when all beer and cider is included in the ticket price of £25. The festival kicks off in earnest on Thursday March 30th at 1pm – 11pm and continues through to Saturday April 1st. However, we strongly advise you to register in advance.
Pre registering is free but it will entitle fans to a reduced entry fee of £4 at the door on March 30th, 31st and April 1st.

“Another beer is what I need” Lemmy
(written while on the toilet – September 1980)