Lemmy Forever

It is our honour, duty, and pleasure to ensure that the life, work, and legacy of Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister remains on the forefront of culture for generations to come. Lemmy instilled the sort of independent all-inclusive values which are as vital as ever today, and he also created the sort of timeless, loud, and supremely-written music which can never not be heard. Lemmy also stood for a free, independent lifestyle, and he loved nothing more than good people enjoying good times.

This is why Lemmy’s spirit and soul must be shared with dedicated followers and newcomers alike worldwide, at places where people can congregate – and celebrate – his remarkable life as well as continue his ethos. He was – and will always be – a man of the people.

Lemmy Forever! are ceremonial events at sites and venues close to Lemmy’s spirit. Each one sees Lemmy’s ashes enshrined in a monument befitting him, with a series of loud and raucous festivities ensuring that Lemmy’s spiritual immortality is continually celebrated by fans globally.

In 2022 it was Hellfest in France. In 2023 it was Wacken in Germany. In 2024 there will be Lemmy Forever! ceremonies at The Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, CA and at Bloodstock UK.

Lemmy Forever! ceremonies will continue to occur in the years to come, allowing an increasing number of fans worldwide to have a place to get together and celebrate with him forever.

This page will keep everyone abreast of the ceremonies as they are scheduled! Click the icons below for more details on each of these events, past and future.