Lemmy – the final official interview

The Motörhead frontman discusses his love of Rickenbackers, Paul McCartney and why he could never cut it as a guitarist in his final bass interview.

jim dyson getty motorhead lemmy
(Image credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

When Motörhead first started popping out albums in the late ’70s, it probably seemed implausible that the band would last 40 years and 22 albums. And yet, they were, until the death of the band’s no-prisoners frontman, Ian Fraser Kilmister – aka Lemmy – on 28 December 2015.

According to Lemmy – who embodied the sex, drugs, and rock & roll ethos more honestly than anyone alive besides Keith Richards – Motörhead’s career was defined by “sheer, dogged, pig-nosed fucking persistence and refusal to listen to the evidence.”

Click here for the interview conducted shortly after release of the final album “Bad Magic” in August 2015, just four months before his passing.