Motörhead Whisky – by the band and for the fans!

Lemmy himself was really proud of the Swedish Whisky and even had a nickname for it: Swhisky. With a 7th batch hitting the shelves all over Europe and Canada the spirit of Motörhead lives on.

It was not an easy task to create a whisky that would deliver the goods in the same uncompromising way legendary front man Lemmy did throughout his career.

Our drummer Mikkey Dee remembers how he brought a sample to the studio. The band was in the middle of doing the mixes for the album “Bad Magic” when he presented the whisky to Lemmy and guitarist Phil Campbell.

“The whisky is incredibly good and all of us in the band have been active in the production process and are very proud of the result. We tried different samples but there was no doubt which one we all preferred.

Lemmy’s reaction after trying it? – This one tastes fucking great!

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