Date: 05 Nov 1978

London, England

Hammersmith Odeon

Existing Media

Set List

Tear Ya Down
Keep Us On The Road
Leaving Here
I’ll Be Your Sister
Lost Johnny
The Watcher
Damage Case
Iron Horse (Born To Lose)
No Class
Louie Louie
Limb From Limb
(I Won’t) Pay Your Price
I’m Your Witchdoctor
Train Kept A’ Rollin¥
City Kids
White Line Fever


Hammersmith Nov 78 poster

The recording is REALLY ROUGH!
This was only the 2nd appearance (& their 1st headliner there) at the Hammersmith Odeon for The Three Ghosts of Christmas, as part of the ‘White Vinyl Fever Tour’, & it is indeed a stellar performance including an early version of ‘…Sister’ & the debuts of ‘No Class’ (both with alternative lyrics) as well as ‘Limb From Limb’ & ‘…Pay Your Price’ – in the pre-Health & Safety days, they even managed to use fireworks (not stage pyro) onstage (as it was ‘Bonfire Night’) including a set of sparklers on a track above Philthy, which promptly got stuck & rained sparks down on him…Now the caveat – this is not a great recording! – the quality goes up & down, improving slightly as the show goes on – all three elements are present & discernable, the only real issue is that the mic almost certainly just couldn’t handle the volume…