Date: 07 Mar 1980

Muelheim, Germany



submitted by Martin Tuttas

I was there. Picture shows the ticket (Tickets were misprint. Was a Friday instead of Monday as stated.) signed by Lemmy himself! While the opening act played (can`t remember who it was) I was in the lobby at the beer bar, with maybe 20 other people, when suddenly a door opened and Lemmy entered. He had a Vodka bottle in his hand and looked surprised. Maybe he took the wrong door. People rushed to him. He was very friendly and gave autographs. I remember some guys didn`t have anything he could sign, so they handed him their Passports (!) or Drivers Licences , and so he signed these. After a few beer and some talk he left the lobby. Half an hour later Motorhead started their show. Overkill was the opener. Blew me away. They were great! Never forget.
Martin, Germany