Date: 22 Mar 1982


City Hall

Existing Media

motorhead 03-22-1982 ticket

Set List

Iron Fist
Heart Of Stone
Shoot You In The Back
The Hammer
White Line Fever
(Don’t Need) Religion
Go To Hell
(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind You Down
(We Are) The Roadcrew
Ace Of Spades
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch


This was a very pleasant find indeed, acquired via a Very Much Appreciated trade, & not very widely circulated at all – there are a couple of Youtube links put up years ago for ‘Heart of Stone’ (, which seems to use the original camera audio…)

The raw files went to Hothcanada with an idea that this might be worth authoring along with sync’ing the soundboard tape
that had surfaced of the same night – he agreed, & duly passed the whole package across to BONG who did the necessary authoring (which took around 6 weeks), including sync’ing the audio by hand as opposed to ‘auto-sync’ as there was more footage (encore breaks etc) than there was matching audio – there was no matching audio for the encore break prior to ‘Motorhead’, so the original camera audio has been left in for around a minute or so.

Taped on the 1st night of a 3 night run at the City Hall, this was reputedly filmed by Philthy’s dad & was done from the balcony towards stage left side using a tripod – as the show audio was recorded that night from the soundboard, this may have been meant as a private band momento or considered as a potential release (which never happened) at one point…Unfortunately it is taken from a mid-gen VHS so there is some colour bleed & the picture quality is not perfect, however considering it’s age it’s very watchable, offers a full view of the stage &a good selection of shots, & most importantly it’s the full show – right from The Three Amigos being lowered onto the stage at the start to being raised up again on the hydraulic platform at the end…The setlist is exemplary, with a strong performance that sees the ‘Iron Fist’ material fairly warmly received by an enthusiastic audience (although the album didn’t get released until April ’82, & some of Eddie’s banter betrays a hint of dissatisfaction within the ranks whilst Lem’s is as cheerfully abusive as ever…) who prefer the older classics, & a soundboard mix that highlights the three elements cleanly without swamping or unnecessary distortion…In essence this is an invaluable volume in the library, being a good quality complete live visual document of the classic lineup on what would prove to be their final tour – there is Nottingham ’80 & Belfast ’81, & they are better quality being pro-shot but sadly not complete, & this one tucks in properly & proudly alongside them…& Remember – They were Motorhead, & They played Rock & fucking Roll – Don’t forget ’em…

Provided by Darkorb
Mixed & authored by BONG
Thanks to hothcanada