Date: 06 Oct 1984

Birmingham, UK

Central TV Car Park

Existing Media

We can confirm this was performed on October 6th (not as YouTube poster has claimed the 5th) – “Alan Burridge” (Keep Us On The Road).

Set List

00:00 Iron Fist
03:10 Killed By Death
08:33 Ace of Spades
11:01 Steal Your Face
14:13 Overkill


“Back in England, before starting off on our tour to promote “No Remorse” (it had come out in the UK the month before), we made an appearance on ITV’s “Saturday Starship” (a kids’ Saturday morning show – the successor to “TisWas”). Apparently some people complained because we were rehearsing early in the morning for the show in the station’s parking lot. I don’t know what the problem was – 8:30 AM was the time they gave us to rehearse and they put the stage up in the parking lot for us.” – Lemmy