Date: 05 Dec 1987

Neumarkt, Germany


Set List

Doctor Rock
Stay Clean
Ace of Spades
Stone Deaf in the U.S.A.
Eat the Rich
Built for Speed
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Deaf Forever
Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
No Class
Killed by Death


submitted by Axel Richter

The event was at Saturday 05 Dezember 1987 in Neumarkt Jurahalle, Germany. At the scan you can see the back and front of the ticket.

We bought 5 tickets and they had Number 0001, 0002, …. 0005 !

I was 15 years old, bought it in Nürnberg and kept this ticket all the time in my collection of memories.

We were 5 guys and had to use our parents to bring us to Neumarkt, because there was no Train and no Bus that could bring us.

They hated such music, but after long long discussions we persuaded them to bring us to the venue . They stayed the evening in Neumarkt at a restaurant and picked us up again at 24.00 pm.

It was the best event ever (first shocked by King Diamond, then “Heavy-Rocked” by very loud Motörhead) but we were pulled out by them while the song: “No Class”

So we missed the last songs because it was “bed-time” for us !!! What a fucking holy shit, but better than nothing.

The autographs on the ticket are not so old.
Lemmy and Mikkey signed the ticket in Berlin at the Esplanade Hotel in 2015.