Date: 20 Jul 1975

Chalk Farm, London


Existing Media

Motorhead first show

Set List

Motorhead (Originally by Hawkwind and later by Motorhead, written by Lemmy)
Leaving Here (Originally by Edward Holland Jr.)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Originally by Sonny Boy Williamson)
Lost Johnny (Originally by Hawkwind, written by Lemmy)
City Kids (Originally by Pink Fairies)
Silver Machine (Originally by Hawkwind)
I’m Waiting For The Man (Originally by Velvet Underground)


From Stefano Loi (regarding urban legend of speech intro to this show):
“They never used the Adolf Hitler speech you hear on the beginning of many copies of this recording. It’s a fake prerecording added many, many years ago by some guy who had a copy of the tape. Lemmy told me, he was horrified by that”.
“Lemmy was an anarchist, he collected memorabilia of the wars of every country. It is true that he also had Israeli stuff from Jewish soldiers too in his collection. I wanted to play the first show with him once but he said no because he told me they played badly that night and the set list wasn’t good either. Then I asked him about the intro and he confirmed to me that they didn’t use any intro at all.”
“Also, I was in contact with a guy that attended the show, he sent me the scan of the ticket stub as proof, he also told me himself the band didn’t use any intro. This is one urban legend that is FALSE!