Stefano Loi

This comprehensive tour history is brought to you by the imotorhead team and the dedicated work of Stefano Loi, who has spent years researching and compiling this definitive list of Motörheads touring history.

We are looking for show reviews, set list information, pictures, scaned ticket stubs, audio and video recordings (via YouTube). Anything you might want to add to this section, please send to [email protected] with the subject “tours”.

From Stefano:

"I've heard Motörhead the first time in 1985 and I begun to compile the past tour dates in 1988 because I felt I was confined in my beloved island of Sardinia and I was dreaming to see Motörhead on stage back then. Yes, it was difficult to travel until the end of the nineties and I was somehow forced to extreme long overnight trips by boat and train to see Motörhead.

In 1999 the list was published for the first time on this website and now we are back after many years offline. Anyway, in the previous years I received thousand of e-mails from every corner of the globe, literally. I learned never to complain about not seeing the band enough because I was lucky, like many of you readers. Many huge Motörhead fans in the world never had the chance to see them. For second, I realized how popular Lemmy was and still is, he had the chance to communicate with music and lyrics to so many fans all over the world, no matter what the culture is.

PS: Thank you for all those unforgettable days, Lemmy, especially when you sung in my car! Please come back, we miss you! :-D"

Stefano Loi