Ken and Klem: A Collabogram with Zero Compromise, Motörhead Style

by: Lex van den Berghe


Nothing is more dangerous than playing it safe—when it comes to creativity, that is. More often than not, the best ideas are inspired by a new point of view. And being forced out of one’s comfort zone, forced to see through someone else’s eyes, can be the very thing that breaks down creative boundaries.

For more than 25 years, all of us on the Photoshop team have enjoyed watching artists use Photoshop to reinterpret the world we live in and redefine what’s creatively possible. But creativity is boundless, so we put our heads together and asked ourselves: how can we push a group of artists to the next level to create art that will inspire us all to occasionally jump into the deep end of the pool and test our creative limits?

Collaboration + Instagram = Collabogram

What better way to expand your creativity than to expose yourself to an art form completely different from your own?

To prove our point, we paired up three dynamic duos who specialize in (seemingly) incompatible art forms and challenged them to collaborate and create something awesome together. Welcome to our first installment of Collabograms – brought to you by an oddly matched pair named Ken and Klem…

This unlikely duo share a common love: Motörhead

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